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An Instant Heating Device Offers Mobile Warmth to Outdoor Enthusiasts

An Instant Heating Device Offers Mobile Warmth to Outdoor Enthusiasts

An outdoor company, Sierra Madre Research, which specializes in high-flying hammock shelters has introduced a Hot Pocket which can function as a hot water bottle only at the flick of a switch.

The instant heating device, has the capability of providing toasty warmth regardless of the users’ location. Be it an outdoor campsite, or a chilly room in urgent need of heated blankets.

Finding sufficient warmth while camping outdoors is not always easy. Equipped with a 6,000-mAh battery pack and a pair of radiant heating panels integrated into the soft, weather-resistant fabric, the Hot Pocket is built to serve this very purpose. The device is capable of easily accommodating a sleeping bag or a few clothes, and heat them up with by simply pushing a button located on outer part of the sack. Furthermore, the Hot Pocket can be unzipped and laid out like a heated blanket to slip inside your sleeping bag or to be draped over the lap on chilly nights.

The battery can be plugged into a USB port and attached to a solar panel when it needs to be charged at a campsite. The lights located on the outside panel will indicate the status of the battery, and whether or not it needs to be charged. The company is currently offering the device in three capacities; namely 8.7-liter, 16-liter and 19-liter variations through its Kickstarter campaign. Sierra Madre plans to begin shipping the product in November this year at a pledge of US$89 and allow benefactors a size of their choice.

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