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Autopilot System In Tesla Detects Cars Switching Lanes

Autopilot System In Tesla Detects Cars Switching Lanes

The American automotive company designs autopilot system that has the ability to detect lane changing intentions of the cars and detect stop lights.

In the recent past, the owners of Tesla detected that the autopilot feature of the car detected intentions of the drivers of the other cars who wanted to switch lanes thereby, slowing down the vehicle. However, it was not quite evident whether the vehicle was slowing down because of the traffic or lane chancing detection.

On March 8, 2019, Tesla updated about its new feature saying that if the automobile detects that the driver is about to break the signal when autosteer is switched on, the driver will only be warned and will not stop the car automatically since it is not an alternative to the driver. The company claims that the system refers to its mapping data and computer vision from its cameras. The alert system is fitted in every model from October 2016 which has an autopilot system. However, the company has accepted the fact that the car will not work at every US signal. Therefore, one must not completely rely on the system to save them from collisions and accidents.

Thus, the novel feature slows down the car when an object is detected ahead in order to reduce the chances of meeting an accident. Furthermore, if the cars in front of the autopilot car, are detected to be switching lanes with clear intentions, the latter creates space for the former by slowing down. Thus, increasing improvements in Tesla’s vehicle is definably going to take the company a long way.


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