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Halogen Surgical Ceiling Lights Market To see Drastic Growth, To Collect huge Investments In the Near Future From 2018 To 2026

Halogen Surgical Ceiling Lights Market
Halogen Surgical Ceiling Lights Market

Halogen surgical ceiling lights or halogen operation lights are mainly used for assisting an operation in which a focused source of light is needed. These innovative lighting structures help in the improvement of surgical or procedural efficiency with its superior light source. If the main light source becomes dysfunctional, another light source is kept reserved in order to support in case of emergencies. A characteristic setup of halogen surgical ceiling lights comprises of a single- or multiple-lighthead congregation which is/are attached with a suspension arm.

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The lighting configuration can either be mounted fixed on a ceiling or wall or it can be positioned alongside a ceiling-mounted track. There is a variety of lamps available depending upon specific requirements. These include quartz, tungsten, and/or xenon halogens and LEDs or light-emitting diodes. These lamps contain sterilizable handles which allow the surgeon to adjust the light’s positions per requirement. Some of the models of halogen surgical ceiling lights models can lodge a mounted camera, and some more advanced models may have an integrated camera. Moreover, integration into the operating room control system and infrastructure can be possible. The surgical lights are intended for operations extending for a long period of time without radiating excessive heat.

Halogen Surgical Ceiling Lights Market – Major Players

Some of the major players operating in the global halogen surgical ceiling lights market are Berchtold, Dr. Mach, Merivaara, Shor-Line, CI Healthcare, Pax Medical Instrument, Rimsa P. Longoni, and Medical Illumination International.

The global market for halogen surgical ceiling lights is likely to grow at a substantial rate owing to their ease of use, safety and efficacy, and room for customization. Moreover, these lights are manufactured to offer a smooth surgical procedure. Rising number of surgeries along with growing adoption of halogen surgical ceiling lights are some of the factors driving the global market. Restraints include burns when the heat-protection filters were removed or when the lights were operated in their maximum intensity focused on the same region for a long time.

High growth in the number of surgeries and rise in geriatric population will drive the overall halogen surgical ceiling lights market

Increasing volume of surgical procedures across the globe is likely to drive market growth during the forecast period. Surgeries are conducted to manage various diseases including gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, spinal abnormalities, urological disorders, orthopedic deformities, and brain tumors. The significant growth in the number of surgeries, especially in the European countries will help in the growth of the general halogen surgical ceiling lights market in this region. For example, the amount of laparoscopic colostomy surgeries tripled in Spain and doubled in Slovenia between 2008 and 2014. Different types of surgeries performed in various ASCs or ambulatory surgical centers include hernia procedure, cervix and uterus removal, transurethral excision, lens and cataract, and hysterectomy. Moreover, increase in geriatric population as well as the growth in the number of surgeries will fuel the growth of the halogen surgical ceiling lights market in the near future.

Global Halogen surgical ceiling lights market Taxonomy

On the basis of product type, the global halogen surgical ceiling lights market is classified into: Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted, Mobile Lights, Others

Ceiling mounted halogen surgical ceiling lights accounted for the maximum share of the market in 2016. The ceiling mounted lights encompass one or more than one transformer located either in a box (remote-controlled) mounted on the wall or on top of the ceiling in order to transform the incoming high voltage to a lesser voltage needed by most lights. Gas-filled incandescent lamps (Conventional lamps) contain small proportion of halogen in an inert gas with pressure more than 3 atmospheres. Many gas-discharged xenon-halogen lamps create light by sending electric current all the way through a gas. Light emitting diode or LED based halogen surgical lights have modules, or pods, which are essentially very small piece of semiconductor material, which releases a tapered spectrum of light when it is energized via an electrical circuit.

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