How to Spot a Michael Kors Bag for Sale

When shopping for an MK bag for sale, look for the logo and other features that make it a true Michael Kors. For instance, the metal should feel heavy and the hardware should have a coppery tone to it. Also, the engraved MK text should be clearly visible and not stamped.

Identifying a fake MK bag

A fake Michael Kors bag may seem very similar to a genuine one. However, if you carefully examine the details of the bag, it will be easy to identify a fake. For example, the logo should be centered and well-aligned. The lettering should also be precise. Also, the metal logo should feel heavy and polished.

The lining of the bag is another important factor. Authentic bags will have the iconic circle logo printed on the lining and a leather tag with the brand name. The lining will also have neat seams that are straight and well-defined. In addition, the lining will be light in color and not glossy.

Inauthentic MK bags may have lower-quality heat stamps with illegible and poorly-aligned texts. Additionally, the metallized edges of an authentic MK bag are smooth and polished. Lastly, all hardware, including charms, buckles and screws, should be the same color and have the MK logo on them. Decorative hooks should also match the clasps of the bag.

Buying a genuine MK bag

Michael Kors is one of the hottest fashion designers around, with bags that are both trendy and practical. The brand has become a favorite among women and men alike. Unlike other designer handbags, Michael Kors bags have several pockets to hold keys and coins. They also come with convenient pouches for lipstick and pens. These features make them a more affordable alternative to other luxury brands.

When buying a genuine MK bag, look for the logo on the leather flap. It should have precise edges and evenly spaced letters. Moreover, the MK logo should not stand out from the rest of the bag’s design. Inauthentic MK logos tend to have a “wonky” or unsymmetrical appearance.

Another telltale sign of a fake MK bag is a lack of a leather tab on the inside of the bag. This tab usually contains the label and manufacturing date code. In addition, real MK bags will have a fabric lining with the company’s name printed on it. The fabric should match the bag’s exterior leather.

Buying a counterfeit MK bag

Buying from the official Michael Kors website is always your best bet for the highest quality. However, if you’re shopping for a specific bag on eBay, it’s important to check the seller’s feedback. They should post plenty of photos to show signs of authenticity, including the interior label and date code tab. The most common fake MK bags are those with honeycomb lining patterns that are too dark for the base material. The lettering on the lining must be straight and evenly spaced, too.

If you want to buy a genuine Michael Kors bag, look for high-quality hardware and engraved text. Authentic bags have the brand name written in full form, while counterfeits have a low-quality typeface and letters that don’t look stamped. In addition, a genuine bag will have clean seams and precise stitches. Fake bags have messy and crooked stitching. Also, beware of any metal that looks dull or has a copper-like hue. MK sale bag