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Hypopharyngeal Cancer Treatment Market to Increasing Demand To Be Observed In The Coming Years

Hypopharyngeal Cancer Treatment Market
Hypopharyngeal Cancer Treatment Market

Hypopharyngeal cancer is the malignant tumor initiated in the cells of hypopharynx. Malignant cell of the hypopharyngeal cancer can metastasis into cervical lymph nodes, pharyngeal muscles, cranial nerves, larynx, thyroid, esophagus, lungs, liver or bone leading to secondary cancer. Hypopharyngeal cancer can be differentiated in the stages of cancer based on the size of the tumor. The early stages of hypopharyngeal cancer are asymptomatic whereas in late stages symptoms like sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, painful swallowing, weight loss or blood in mucus and saliva can be visible. Hypopharyngeal cancer can be diagnosed through X-ray, ultrasound, panendoscopy, biopsy, CT scan, MRI, PET scan or PET-CT scan. Treatment for hypopharyngeal cancer includes surgeries like transoral robotic surgery (TORS) and transoral videolaryngoscopic surgery or TOVS, chemotherapy and chemoradiotherapy, and targeted therapy. Researchers are also looking for more ways like transplantation and tissue grafting to rebuild cells post- surgery.

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Hypopharyngeal Cancer Treatment Market – Driver

Low survival rate of hypopharyngeal cancer is raising the demand of research and development in this field. According to American Cancer Society in 2017, the estimated survival rate of this type of cancer is below average in comparison to other cancers i.e Stage I (53%), Stage II (39%), Stage III (36%) and Stage IV (24%) which is below 50%. Governmental organization are also sponsoring the research and development for cancer studies to bring better treatment for hypopharyngeal cancer treatment market and increase its survival rate. For instance, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute sponsored research study for drug BKM120 (buparlisib) for indication of hypopharyngeal cancer, in October, 2014. Such new drug trials will augment the growth of hypopharyngeal cancer treatment market.

Increasing incidence of hypo pharyngeal cancer is expected to propel the growth of hypopharyngeal cancer treatment market. For instance, According to the statistical data published by American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), in 2016, every year 3000 peoples are diagnosed with hypopharyngeal cancer in US. Increasing rate of smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, also lead to the hypopharyngeal cancer and in turn boost the growth of the hypopharyngeal cancer treatment market. Cancers of the oral cavity and hypopharynx were highly common in south?central Asian countries like India because of extreme consumption of tobacco, bidi, and betel?quid. Even, in northern America and European countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, and France. According to American Cancer Society 2016, the global incidence of lip, oral cavity, and pharyngeal cancers of 529,500, corresponding to 3.8% of all cancer cases which is estimated to reach 62% to 856,000 cases by 2035 because of changes in demographics.

Hypopharyngeal Cancer Treatment Market – Regional Analysis

Geographically, the hypopharyngeal cancer treatment market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. North America is expected to be dominant market over the forecast period owing to increasing research and developmental activities by locally present pharmaceutical companies. However, Asia Pacific is expected to be fastest growing hypopharyngeal cancer treatment market due to high incidence of hypopharyngeal cancer in the region. For example, According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) 2013, the incidence of hypopharyngeal cancer is relatively higher among males in India i.e. approximately 11% against 1% worldwide.

Hypopharyngeal Cancer Treatment Market – Competitor

The market players for hypopharyngeal cancer treatment markets are Sanofi, Akorn Inc., Antares Pharma Inc. and Medac Pharma Inc. Few market players and narrow product array provides scope for existing manufacture and new startup companies to come up with novel therapies.

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