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Industrial Microbiology Market Competitive Landscape Report 2026: Pipeline, Epidemiology, Market Valuations, Forecast and Market Shares 2026

Industrial Microbiology Market
Industrial Microbiology Market

Applied Microbiology involves use of microorganisms in various industries, such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, cosmetic industry, food and beverages industry, agriculture and environment, and many others. The use of advanced technology and knowledge about microorganisms in healthcare and environmental issues is of prime importance. In case of pharmaceutical industry the products manufactured using microbiology include amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, nucleotides, antibiotics, insulin and other hormones, polysaccharides, bio surfactants, and hormones. Pharmaceutical microbiological safety, food microbiological safety, cosmetics microbiological safety and contamination control can be assured with the application of microbiology. Application of microorganisms is beneficial as maximum yield of a product can be obtained with the help of customization of the microorganism species such as exposing them to mutagens or by gene amplification. Biomass conversion is another area wherein microorganisms are employed in various processes such as anaerobic digestion, fermentation, pyrolysis, and gasification.

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Market Dynamics

Some of the lucrative areas for application of microbiology include bioremediation, bio-fuels production, genetic engineering, green chemistry, and metabolic engineering over the forecast period. Natural fuel consumption has increased exponentially over the past few years, owing to lifestyle changes, increased number of vehicles, and natural fuel resources, which are depleting at faster rates. Wherein bio-fuels can be a remedy. Genetically modified food products can also be an effective remedy against malnutrition in emerging economies such as Africa. Microorganisms are used in biotechnology field, especially in Recombinant DNA technology for various applications, such as crop agriculture, gene therapy, pharmaceutics, vaccine design and bioremediation, and further advancement in the respective areas is expected to boost the market growth over the forecast period. Global immunization coverage is expected to increase, owing to joint efforts by economies and the World Health Organization (WHO), such as Global Vaccine Action Plan, World Immunization Week, and creating a robust demand for advanced vaccines.

Advent of technology and improved understanding of micro-organisms functions and benefits is expected to increase their applications

Advances in fields of Recombinant DNA technology, use of microorganisms in treating diseases, rising prevalence of various bacterial, and viral infections globally is expected to boost the growth of industrial microbiology market with respect to pharmaceutical industry. Use of microorganisms in manufacturing various improvised vaccines for existing as well new infectious diseases is supporting the market growth. Cosmetic industry is growing, owing to the factors, such as evolving lifestyles, increasing demand for aesthetic life fulfilled by various offerings from the industry such as color cosmetics and skin care. Furthermore, in cosmetic industry, raw materials need to be thoroughly tested for any microbial contamination before further processing according to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). These factors are expected to further propel the use of microbiological testing for cosmetic product safety. Diabetes, a potential life-threatening disease with no cure available, was affecting 30.3 Mn people in the U.S. out if which 1.25 Mn were suffering from type 1 diabetes in 2015 according to American Diabetes Association. Insulin is manufactured by using Recombinant DNA technology, which is a necessity for type 1 diabetes patients and with advances in the technology such as artificial chromosomes, automated DNA sequencing, and the use of microbiology in this area is expected to support the market growth over the forecast period.

Some major players operating in the industrial microbiology market include Merck KGaA, bioMérieux SA, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Eppendorf AG, Bruker, Sartorius AG, QIAGEN, Becton Dickinson and Company, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., and Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

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