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Mercedes Benz All Set to Enter the Formula E Circuit

Mercedes Benz All Set to Enter the Formula E Circuit

The German auto maker is preparing to replicate their Formula One success in the electric circuit

In recent times, Mercedes Benz has been dominating the Formula One arena. Their driving team just won their fifth consecutive championship title in 2018, while their engineers picked up their fifth straight construction title. They have now decided to step into the Formula E circuit to try to replicate the immense success they have enjoyed in the high octane Formula One world., as they prepare for the launch of their first all-electric race car, the EQ Silver Arrow 01.

However, this is not a very straightforward objective for the luxury car maker. Formula E, unlike Formula One, has a set of rules for the engineers to follow while they are designing their cars. For instance, all the cars taking part in the race are required to have the same chassis and battery pack. They can however, customize other parts of the car to suit their requirements. In stark contrast to the world of Formula One, where carmakers splurge generously to leave no stone unturned in extracting maximum performance from their cars.

Mercedes has stayed true to their tradition of naming their race cars ‘Silver Arrow’. The EQ Silver Arrow 01, is equipped with a 52 kilowatt-hour battery pack and takes 45 minutes to obtain full charge. The teams now have to complete the race with a single charge, unlike the initial days of Formula E, wherein drivers would change their cars halfway through the race, indicating the progress EV’s have made.

The car is equipped with a total power of 340 horsepower, however, during the race it is toned down to 272 horsepower, with an overboost facility that pumps it up to 306 horsepower. All this enables the car to do 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds, and gives it a top speed of 174 mph. Figures which are constant across all cars to maintain uniformity and competitiveness.

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