Sweats et Pulls Stitch

Whether you’re going for an oversized sweat a capuche, a colorful color block or a zippe sweatshirt with a message, a Pull stitch adulte will add the final touch to your outfit. Start with a thread color that matches the fabric and a needle that won’t break or bend while moving through thicker fabrics.

Le sweat a capuche a message

Le sweat a capuche a message est une piece qui apporte confort a tous vos déplacements quotidiens. Whether you want to sport it on your commute, during a jog or just out and about, this sweat zippe a message has everything you need to stay warm and look cool.

This pull a capuche can be personalized with a word or phrase of your choice, and is available in various colors. Choose a neutral color like ecru, brown or gray to go with a wide variety of outfits.

Alternatively, opt for a vibrant color to brighten up your wardrobe. Gris chine, marine or rose pale are some of the most popular shades for this season.

Printed on a cotton 100 % bio polaire, these sweats are sure to keep you comfortable and happy. They also come in a range of sizes to fit all body types. Shop this collection today and discover your new favorite piece of clothing!

Le sweat color block

Among the myriad options on offer at Calvin Klein, le sweat color block deserves its place as the king of the hill. Featuring a top of the line construction, this high tech garment is designed for maximum comfort while keeping you looking and feeling your best. Its hoodie-like fit and feel make it the perfect companion for your next outing, while the innovative material and technology used in the design are sure to keep you warm on even the coldest of days. A well thought out design, the sweat features an elastic stretch waistline that cinches in at the back, side pockets to keep small essentials close at hand and adjustable drawstrings to get you in and out of it in a flash. Lastly, the material is derived from organic sources that aspire to be the best in their class. if you’re tempted to pick it up, the company kindly offers 14 days of free returns.

Le sweat zippe a capuche

The sweat zippe a capuche is the ultimate comfort piece for the modern man. It is the perfect complement to your jean, short or jogging suit.

Le sweat zippe a capuche DX4 is an innovative hoodie that brings together a lot of features in one piece, including a double front zip and an innovative capuche that offers the best of both worlds. It also has some cool details that are sure to impress, such as the decoupes laser engraved on the back of the collar and cuffs.

This hoodie is made of a polyester/cotton t-shirt fabric that’s comfortable and cool to wear. It’s perfect for chilly nights or when you’re running errands and need a bit of extra warmth. It’s a must-have in any closet! The most important feature is the double front zip that’s made from a high-tech fiber that’s able to keep you warm and dry. The other major feature is the capuche that comes with a super-soft touch.

Le sweat zippe a message

Les pulls et sweats sont en train de se reussir dès le temps qu’ils sont portées. Il s’agit notamment des sweat-shirt que l’on porter a la fin du hiver, un piece de mode qui intègre tous le look : une jean taille haute, d’une paire bottines et une foulard en soie noue dans les cheveux pour obtenir un rendu cool et chic.

A la qualite, c’est une piece de style personnalisable à propos de nos clients! On y trouve une grande variete d’inspirations, du modele casual au sweat plus habille, avec ou sans capuche, en diverses couleurs qui vous donneront forcement votre bonheur.

Différents techniques de serigraphie, broderie, transfert et flocage nous permettent de realiser tout votre imaginaire! Ainsi, on y donnons la possibilité de rajouter le message d’une personne, quelque chose a ce qui est pertinent a votre image.