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This app allows Apple Music subscribers to get their own ‘year in review’

This app allows Apple Music subscribers to get their own 'year in review'
This app allows Apple Music subscribers to get their own 'year in review'

A new application is now offered by Apple Music subscribers, which will be a new way for the users to look back at all their favorite music of every year and also stream the year highlights.

This application is very much similar to Wrapped which is offered by Spotify. This is an application which is from developer Noise Hub, which is called Music Year in the review and the only purpose is to offer all the customers of Apple Music to stream their own set of music for 2018.

Wrapped is an application which is very much similar to this and is offered by Spotify. This application basically allows users to find out the songs that they have played all year round and what are all the top genres that they listened to. Spotify has already done this quite a long time back and finally, Apple has been able to join the party. This streaming service is known to deliver insights through a flashy website. It also helps users to listen to all the top 100 songs and save it to the library.

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Apple has always promoted Apple Music for a long period of time and this is a perfect way for them to engage their audience. Apple is known to generate a lot of business from Apple Music so this is the way of Apple to make sure that the users feel privileged after using Apple Music.

The only thing that Apple offers is exclusivity and with the help of this application, they will able to do so. Apple is now working hard to promote its business further in different aspects because they have realized that the sales of iPhones are decreasing day by day and the only way to survive in the market is through selling different services to all the other customers.

Apple Music is a service which is promoted by Apple to a great extent and a huge amount is generated in the form of revenue from Apple. Apple has been promoting Apple music recently over different social media platforms in the past few months.

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Apple has also offered its new users 3 months of free service which has encouraged a lot of Apple users to subscribe to Apple music. Apple has finally able to compete with Spotify with this new application.


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