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Two Astronauts Receive Second Chance From NASA After Rocket Malfunction

Two NASA astronauts given another chance to launch Russian Soyuz spacecraft after a disastrous spacecraft malfunction.

Two NASA astronauts, Christina Koch and Nick Hague, receive a second chance after a spacecraft malfunction cut short their last journey into the space. The Russian Soyuz rocket that was launched on October 11, 2018, had to make an emergency landing after six minutes of launch. The state space corporation believed that the booster was faulty which prompted the astronauts to use the Soyuz capsule and land on Earth.

However, after this great mishap, the Russian state space corporation and NASA mutually decided to give Koch and Hague a second chance and launched them on the same version of Soyuz on March 14, 2019. Koch, Hague and Ovchinin (a Russian cosmonaut) have been ordered to live six months on the International Space Station. The three missioned astronauts will be joining astronaut David Saint-Jacques, astronaut Anne McClain and cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko who have been staying on the artificial satellite for a period of three months now. According to NASA, McClain and Koch are to hold the first ever female spacewalk and upgrade all power channels of the station by end March, 2019.

The Russian Soyuz launch was scheduled from Baikonur Cosmodrome, a space port, in Kazakhstan at 3:14PM ET on March 14, 2019. NASA thereby, planned to cover every single event with launch coverage, which was at 2PM ET and docking protection at 8:45PM ET after which they entered the artificial habitat around 10:30PM ET.

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