Animals That Make Great Subjects for Diamond Painting

diamond painting tiere is a fun and relaxing craft that combines cross-stitch with paint-by-numbers to create sparkling DIY works of art. It’s a great hobby for people of all ages and skill levels.

The process is simple. Simply divide the picture into a grid pattern and then place a mix of small diamond like gems over it to create a masterpiece.


Cats have a long history of being a beloved animal in the world of art. Their enigmatic nature has inspired a number of famous paintings throughout the centuries.

While cats have often been portrayed as muses, they’ve also been used as subjects in a wide variety of genres and movements.

The Japanese illustrator Utagawa Kuniyoshi is known for his love of felines, depicting them in various pastimes and locations. He’s also well-known for anthropomorphic cat prints, many of which feature characters from familiar stories.


Zebras are famous for their striking black and white stripes, which can be seen all over their bodies. The striped coat is ideal for camouflaging them from predators, and also helps them regulate their body heat.

They are also highly adaptable to their environment and eat a wide variety of grasses, as well as leaves, herbs, and even trees at times.

They live in family groups of a male, called a stallion, several females, or mares, and their young. These are referred to as “harems” and stay together for life.


Dogs are a popular subject for artists to paint because they are so close to their owners’ hearts. As a result, many master painters have depicted dogs in a variety of ways that highlight their dynamic personalities and relationships with humans.

As a result, dog paintings have become a major part of art history. From hunting scene paintings to personal furry friends, these animals have become symbols of love, loyalty, faithfulness and protection.


Horses are large, powerful animals with oval-shaped hooves, long tails, short hair, muscular torsos, long thick necks draped with manes down the middle of their bodies, and elongated heads and skulls. They also have specialized teeth for grazing and a long digestive tract to digest cellulose in plants.

Humans have a very close relationship with horses, using them as a partner and companion for many different activities. These include plowing fields, hauling goods, transporting passengers and warriors in battle, and racing horses.


Lions are some of the most iconic cats in the animal kingdom, and they make fantastic subjects for paintings. From their powerful roars to their majestic poses, these paintings capture all that lions represent.

Male lions spend their lives in prides of other adult males and females. They protect their territory and defend the cubs of their pride.

They also mark their territory with a booming roar and scent marking with urine. They hunt alone or with a group of other lions, depending on the size and complexity of their prey.


Leopards are nocturnal and primarily hunt during the night. They stalk prey such as antelope and deer, as well as pigs, by stealthy movements in the tall grass.

They are strong climbers and can scale trees with ease. They also spend a lot of time in trees, where their spotted coat camouflages them and helps them blend into the leaves until they spring with a deadly pounce.

They are found in a variety of habitats, including rainforests, deserts, savannas, forests, mountain ranges and coastal scrubs. They are endangered in many countries, including Africa and Asia.


Birds are an interesting subject to paint because of their bright colors and organic shapes. They are also known for their meditative natures and beautiful plumes.

Diamond painting animals can be done with a variety of tools and paints, but the best results come from acrylic paints at a fluid consistency. These can be purchased at local craft stores or online.

To start, pick a color scheme that matches your desired outcome. For example, a light blue is a good choice for a peacock painting.