Branding Design Agency of the Year

Branding is an essential part of a business’s identity. A well-designed logo can tell potential customers about a company’s values and personality. For example, the iconic FedEx logo communicates speed, accuracy, and reliability.

A branding agency will help businesses craft a cohesive brand image with clear messaging and design principles. They also create in-depth style guides that ensure consistency across all marketing channels.

Ramotion is a branding design agency that helps clients be taken seriously by their customers. They work with leading brands, including Salesforce and Volusion, to design engaging UX that builds brand trust and increases conversions. They are also experienced in designing marketing websites for growing startups. The agency has also worked with Firefox, creating a visual identity system that unifies the company’s popular web browser with its other products. For this project, they used Webflow to create a custom marketing website for their client. The CEO, Denis Pakhaliuk, says that using Webflow makes the build process faster, allowing them to show their client live results sooner. Additionally, it empowers their clients to make changes themselves without the need for developers. This saves them money and time.
Blue Marlin

The blue marlin is a so-called blue-water fish, spending most of its life far out at sea. It is highly migratory and follows warm ocean currents for hundreds and even thousands of miles. It preys primarily on near-surface pelagic fish, such as mackerels and tunas, but will also dive to feast on deep-sea squids. Its long upper jaw, known as a bill, is used to stun its prey before it is swallowed.

The body of the blue marlin is a deep cobalt blue dorsally, shading to silvery white ventrally. It has a long, spear-like upper jaw (bill), a forked tail fin and a first dorsal fin with a high initial crest that slopes sharply downward along much of its back.

The blue marlin is a popular game fish sought by sport fishermen. Its presence offshore of many developing countries provides economic benefit to these regions. Its flesh is also eaten raw as sushi in Japan and as a local delicacy in some Pacific islands.

MetaDesign delivers insightful strategy, emotive design and powerful storytelling for brands around the world. Their work helps startups become leaders and established companies grow into industry pioneers. Their client list includes 23andMe, San Francisco Ballet, and Allscripts, among many others.

The company’s colorful website is fun and professional, enticing users with its vivid full-screen images and symmetrical grid portfolio. Each square on the grid contains a picture of a project, and when you hover your cursor over it, you get a description of the work and its purpose.

Employees rate the company highly across several culture dimensions. Their CEO Rating, Retention, and Team categories score the company in the top 10% of similar sized companies on Comparably. This indicates that employees are generally happy with the company and their coworkers. In addition, the company offers competitive compensation and perks. This makes working at the company an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a career in branding and design.
Branding Agency of the Year

The Branding Agency of the Year awards program is designed to provide a platform for agencies to showcase their work. The awards are based on extensive research and client reviews to identify top branding design agencies. The winners of this year’s competition include GrandArmy, Jones Knowles Ritchie, Porto Rocha and Wink, among others.

These agencies have taken different routes to reach their client’s goals, but they all share a common goal of creating business-building work for brands. They’ve captured consumer attention with innovative creative campaigns, attention-getting stunts, and immersive experiential events. They’ve also helped clients navigate retail media networks, develop e-commerce capabilities and craft social voices.

These top branding agencies are backed by a vast network of marketing and advertising experts, including Agency Vista. This resource is used by businesses to find and vet marketing agencies for their projects. The agency has a wide range of expertise and works with businesses in various industries, such as biotech, crypto, entertainment and healthcare.