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Button Head Cap Screw

Manufacturer & distributor of standard and custom button head socket cap screws. Screws are available in hex and allen drive styles. Types include flat, ball, fillister, hex, shoulder, tamper resistant, and socket head capscrews. Passivated, zinc clear and zinc black finishes offered. CAD/CAM and vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs accepted. RoHS and REACH compliant. JIT delivery available.
Drive Type

The drive type of a screw determines the type of tool that can be used to install or remove it. These include slotted, Phillips, combination (both slotted and Philips), hex socket, and spanner.

Hex socket screws are ideal for applications where wrenches can be easily accessed, and have six sides that allow torque application. They also have a rounded head for a clean and modern appearance, while delivering impressive clamping strength.

Stainless steel is a common material for these types of screws, offering corrosion resistance and higher levels of strength. Other specialty materials, like Inconel and Hastelloy, are also used to create fasteners that can stand up to tough environments and applications.

Also known as Allen head screws, socket caps and Hex cap screws, this type of fastener has a hexagonal drive that requires a hex wrench or socket to tighten. They can be used in a variety of applications that require a strong, durable joint, such as clamping components together, die castings and machine assemblies.

Standard socket head cap screws have a head that is approximately the same height as the screw shank diameter. They provide high tensile strength and a wide bearing surface. Low head socket cap screws have a head that is about half as tall as the traditional version, making them ideal for use in applications where space above the fastening surface is limited.

Mushroom screw heads are rounded, making them less likely to snag clothing or equipment on moving machinery. They can be used in a variety applications, including furniture assembly and automotive work. Some are tamper-resistant, meaning they cannot be removed without the correct tool.

Button head socket cap screws are ideal for applications that require a low profile or where the material is too thin to countersink. Their socket driver enables higher torques and the large head provides a flush appearance.

MW offers button head socket cap screws in various lengths and diameters to suit a variety of projects. Selecting the correct screw length is essential to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance.

When choosing a screw length, consider the screw’s load-bearing capacity and environmental conditions. Factors to consider include the screw’s tensile load and shear load, its ability to resist corrosion, and its tolerance for temperature variations.

Button head socket caps feature a deep hex recess that protects the head against damage during tightening and allows for maximum strength and preload. Their low head height is also great for applications with limited overhead or clearance and their rounded profile helps prevent them from snagging clothing or equipment on moving machinery.

The finish of a screw is a factor to consider, especially when it will come into contact with corrosive materials or a harsh environment. Look for a screw with an anti-corrosion coating or an option for passivation to protect it against moisture and chemicals.

Button Head Socket Cap Screws, also known as dome screws, are characterized by their low profile heads and wide load-bearing surface that resist loosening. They’re typically used in confined spaces where a finished appearance is desired and clearance is limited.

Hex socket button caps have projecting collars that act as washers, dispersing the load across a larger bearing surface. They’re ideal for thinner materials and applications where a countersunk socket isn’t possible. They’re generally used in fastening or clamping situations that require a flush appearance or when threaded surfaces must be positioned at right angles to one another. Button heads are also commonly found in security applications due to their durable design and aesthetic appeal.Button Head Cap Screw