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Cheap Travel Destinations

Made famous by travel movies and books, Thailand is the go-to destination for world class beaches, cheap massages and delicious mango sticky rice. A classic budget travel destination, it’s also known for being one of the cheapest places to visit in the world!

Pyramids, sphinxes and mummies come to mind when thinking of Egypt. An ancient, fascinating country that’s also surprisingly affordable.

Thailand is a popular tourist destination with affordable prices. Foreigners can enjoy low-cost lodging and delicious local cuisine. The islands of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao are some of the most popular island getaways in the country.

Bangkok is the cheapest city in Asia to travel, according to online booking site Agoda. It is a great place to stay in cheap hostels and take advantage of happy hours in the bars on Khao San Road.

Indonesia is a top budget travel destination with a range of affordable accommodation options and food. You can keep costs down by booking a travel package which includes a flight, hotel and experiences or by travelling independently with local transport.

From the wild peaks of Lombok to the wave-washed beaches of the southern Bukit, Bali remains a popular backpacker hub with bargain homestays and hostels. Look away from the hedonistic resorts of Kuta and you’ll find cheaper stays.

International travel is not something only for the wealthy and rich people. Even middle-class Nepalese can afford a lot of international trips and tours.

The land of the mighty Himalayas attracts budget travelers for a variety of reasons. They are lured by its mountain peaks, ancient and medieval culture and various sacred Hindu and Buddhist temples and monasteries.

Flight, accommodation and tour prices peak during Nepal’s October-November high season, but the shoulder seasons of March-April and June-September offer lower rates and more reasonable weather.
Sri Lanka

The tear drop-shaped island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is a tropical paradise of pristine beaches, verdant forests and proud culture. Its UNESCO-listed ruins and colonial architecture, plus its food and shopping, attract visitors from all over the world.

Momondo users tell us that the cheapest time to fly to Sri Lanka is April, with prices typically lower than in peak summer season. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates to see the best offers on flights to Sri Lanka.

One of the biggest expenses for any traveler is airfare. This is true no matter what destination you choose.

The great news is that Taiwan has lots of budget-friendly food and attractions. Things like scallion pancakes and guanbao (meat-stuffed buns) are cheap to buy on the street.

Visiting Houtong cat village, which was a former coal mine, is also cheap to do and a great Instagram opportunity! Plus, you’ll get to see some of the most expansive mountain views in the world.

Mexico is one of the most affordable travel destinations for history buffs, foodies and culture vultures. Avoid high tourist season in beach towns by visiting during November through April, where you’ll find smaller crowds and lower prices.

In Puerto Escondido, a coastal town in Oaxaca, you’ll discover a booming surf scene and authentic indigenous culture. You’ll also enjoy incredible beach scenery and eat cheap tacos at local restaurants for under $10 a pop.

Albania is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Europe. It offers a great variety of experiences and is relatively cheap to visit, even during peak season. Accommodation, food and public transportation fares are all affordable.

The capital city, Tirana, is an exciting blend of new and old. Here you’ll find impressive artworks and thought-provoking museums. You can also visit the relics of an ancient Roman amphitheater and take in views of the stunning mountains surrounding Tirana.

Iran is one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world and also offers a wide range of attractions. From dazzling natural wonders to exquisite Islamic architecture, this destination has something for everyone.

Getting around is cheap and easy, with local minibuses costing just $0.20 per ride. Food and accommodation are very affordable as well, making it a great budget choice for a backpacker.

Safarmarket is a comprehensive digital tourism platform that helps Iranian and world travelers enjoy a low-cost, enjoyable trip to the 31 provinces of Iran. It is a convenient tool for buying train, bus and plane tickets as well as booking tours and lodging.

Cuba is a top pick for budget travelers, with the island nation’s classic salsa clubs and picture-perfect beaches beckoning. Visitors can also enjoy a heady carnival in Santiago or take to the water to spot wildlife in the wetlands of Cayo Coco.

To keep costs down, most tourists rent rooms in casas particulares – family-run homes that offer an authentic and culturally immersive experience. The best ones include a home-cooked meal each morning. Public transportation is also affordable with local minibuses costing 1-2 USD and Viazul buses for interprovincial trips ranging from 10 to 57 travel destinations