MK Sale Bag

Originally priced at $598, this large tote from MK is on sale at Walmart for an all-time low. This is part of their Deals for Days event.

The relaxed downtown sister to New York’s uptown main line, diffusion brand Michael Kors effortlessly interprets classic style. Look for supple leathers and gold-tone hardware.

If you see a Michael Kors bag that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Pay attention to the size of the purse and check the material used to make it. Authentic MK bags are usually made from leather. They should be lightweight and soft, but also sturdy. Also, pay close attention to the zipper lining. The lining should be a lighter color than the purse fabric and should not have heavy shading in the circle logo design.

Pay special attention to the metal MK logo and other hardware. The hardware should be a light gold color and have a brassy tone to it. Also, if the bag has a metal chain, it should have a Michael Kors engraved in it. The font on the MK label should look correct as well, and the letter spacing should be uniform.

When shopping for an MK bag, be sure to examine the material used. Authentic Michael Kors purses are made with a light material that feels like suede and is woven together tightly. The lining of the purse should be the same color as the outside of the bag. The pocket fabric should also match the bag’s lining. Many fake bags use a darker material for the pocket fabric and a logo that doesn’t match the rest of the fabric liner.

Also, pay attention to the logo hardware on the bag. Real MK hardware is heavy and substantial, while fakes tend to be cheap and flimsy. The MK circle logo should be distinct and perfectly centered. Lastly, the metal MK letters on the front of the bag should have a copper look to them. If the metal looks more like coated plastic, it’s a likely fake. The zipper should also be sturdy and have a nice, smooth finish.

MK bags are crafted from high-quality materials and designed to last. In addition, they are incredibly stylish and affordable. The brand’s signature bags are known for their relaxed downtown feel and supple leathers. The ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote is a favorite amongst fashion enthusiasts for its gold-tone MK logo medallion. Another popular model is the ‘Ginny’ cross-body bag, which features gold-tone metal hardware and a removable shoulder strap.

When looking for an authentic MK sale bag, pay attention to the stitching and the logo hardware. A fake will often feature uneven or wonky lettering, while genuine MK logos are embedded in the fabric and perfectly centered. Also, the zipper on an authentic MK bag will end before the leather tab, while a fake will usually tuck into it.

Michael Kors is a luxurious brand that can command high prices, but it’s also one of the most popular brands for women to shop during Black Friday sales. Groupon Coupons features plenty of promotions to help you save money on MK bags and shoes. For example, this large tote bag is now on sale at Walmart, and you can buy it for just a fraction of its regular price. To identify a genuine Michael Kors bag, look for logo hardware with neat leather tabs that cover the ends of the handles. The letter M should be distinct and perfectly centered.