Norcold Refrigerator Parts

RV refrigerators are a must-have for any traveler. But even the most reliable ones can break down from time to time. When this happens, it’s essential to have the right norcold refrigerator parts at hand.

This 629409 Thermister is a great replacement part for Norcold fridges. It has high customer ratings and is easy to install.
629409 Thermister

Designed for families on the go, Norcold refrigerators are known for their performance and reliability. They’re the leading manufacturer of gas absorption refrigerators for RV, Marine and Truck markets. Their products are made in the United States and offer bold product innovations to improve mobile living.

The 629409 Refrigerator Thermister is a reliable replacement part for Norcold 2118 refrigerators. It’s easy to install and works well in most applications. However, it won’t help with icing issues. It’s also important to note that the thermistor needs to be attached in the correct position on the cooling fins.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Norcold refrigerator, you can test its function by measuring the temperature inside with a food thermometer and comparing it to the fridge control panel in diagnostics mode. You can also use a voltmeter to measure the resistance of the thermistor, which will indicate if it’s working or not. The thermistor should read a low resistance if it’s working properly.
637360 Temp Monitor Control

The 637360 is a control that monitors your fridge. The unit will disable all heat source outputs when it detects a high temperature level in your refrigerator. This is an essential tool that helps you keep your food and drinks cool for safe consumption.

It is a durable replacement that fits into your RV refrigerator easily. It comes with a warranty to ensure your peace of mind. It also works well with various other appliances in your RV. You can easily install it and use it as needed without much hassle.

Norcold products are renowned for their bold innovations that help improve your mobile living experience. Quiet and dependable, they are designed to help you travel more comfortably with the family while enjoying a great camping adventure. Made in the United States, they are a top-tier brand that is trusted by many people across the country. Their gas absorption refrigerators are designed to fit into most RV trailers, campers and vans.
61692222 Spark Sense Electrode

Ensure your RV refrigerator’s spark sense electrode is working correctly by replacing the damaged one with this genuine Norcold part. This igniter is designed to fit into your norcold refrigerator, allowing it to work properly and efficiently for optimal functionality.

With over fifty years of innovation and bold products, norcold leads the way in making mobile living more comfortable and convenient for families on the road. Their line of gas absorption refrigerators are made right here in the USA.

This replacement igniter is compatible with Norcold 1200LR, 1200LRBK, 1200LRIM and 1200LRIMD models. It features a larger red wire that connects to the control board with a female blade connector and attaches to the flame housing with a teardrop-shaped clamp and small screw.

This ignitor is covered under Norcold’s limited warranty as long as it’s used for personal, family or domestic purposes and doesn’t show any signs of negligence or improper repair. The limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by accident, misuse, fire, improper installation, alteration or failure to follow usage or winterization instructions in the owner’s manual.
LUKYER 634166 Door Hinge Kit

Designed specifically to fit into your norcold refrigerator, this hinge kit is an easy to install replacement part that provides strong support for items inside the fridge. It also helps prevent hinge breakage, saving you money on a new door. Moreover, it comes with a warranty to provide peace of mind.

This hinge kit is suitable for Norcold N6, N8, and N1095 refrigerators with smooth interior textured doors. It can be used to replace existing hinges that have broken due to excess weight or hard swinging of the door.

The 61692222 Spark Sense Electrode is a durable replacement for RV Norcold refrigerators that has been rated highly by customers for its effectiveness and compatibility. It solves flame sensing issues effectively, and is an exact replacement for existing parts. However, some users have encountered problems with incorrect splicing and short wire lengths. Therefore, it is important to consult a professional before purchasing this part. This is to avoid any unnecessary expense or damage.