Online Dating Photography in Austin

If you’re going to use Tinder, Bumble or any other online dating app, it’s important to have a variety of good photos. Five car selfies won’t cut it.

A few photographers specialize in this work but most offer little knowledge of the nuances (app choice, swiping etiquette, message & photo order, wardrobe styling, red flags & weeding out creeps / time-wasters). Hire carefully.

Whether you’re looking to grow your online dating profile, refresh your personal brand or just look a little more approachable in your photos – a good headshot makes all the difference. Let the world know who you are with a fun, hassle-free photo shoot.

Beware of photographers on marketplaces who advertise their services as “online dating photographer” – they usually don’t specialize in this genre and have no awareness or approach to what actually works on Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. Their approach may be too stiff, try-hard (needy) and they tend to focus on modeling-esque photos that are a bit too perfect, stale and narcissistic.

Show a potential date that you have excellent taste in coffee by snapping a picture with your favorite mug in one of Austin’s many delicious coffee shops. Or, give the impression that you’re an adventurous spirit by capturing a pic of you at one of the city’s many outdoor activities or sporting events.

Taking lifestyle shots is a new way to get your personality across on an app. Whether it’s a candid shot or something more stylized, the photographer will work with you to capture an image that highlights your interests and makes your personality shine.

It’s become a robust industry all its own, as people realize that the right photo can make or break their online dating game. It’s sort of a cross between headshots and classic portraiture with a touch of 1960’s Vogue magazine thrown in for good measure.

Perfect Profile has taken this to heart, offering a full service to help singles improve their online dating game. Services include coaching on app choice, profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, red flags and date planning. Clients can purchase a la carte or bundle the services for $1,800. The former owner of a local modeling agency heads up the business. A free consultation is available.

The city of Austin is famous for “Keep Austin Weird,” but many singles find the area’s eccentricity to be challenging during the dating game. In addition, the cost of many bars, restaurants and entertainment options can add up quickly, making it hard to budget for dates.

As a result, online dating becomes a popular option for singles. To have a successful Tinder, Bumble or other dating app profile you need an eye-catching selection of photos that capture your personality and lifestyle.

The former owner of a local modeling agency has launched a service called Perfect Profile to help you glam up your online dating profile. Services include a la carte and bundle pricing and cover subjects including swiping etiquette, timing, app choice, photos, first messages, red flags, dating tips, reading people and cutting-off liars and time-wasters. The service also provides guidance on wardrobe and hairstyle choices. It will help you look your best while being true to yourself.
Red Flags

Whether they’re love bombing or talking smack about their exes, red flags get plenty of attention in the dating world. What’s less discussed are green flags-those signs you might just find your soul mate.

When it comes to online dating, the quality of your photos is everything. A good photographer will help you showcase your best features and ensure you’re swiping in the right direction.

A well-written profile is also essential, as it shows your personality and interests. It can also make securing that first date much easier.

Other important considerations include how you communicate on the app, your approach to date planning and how you deal with liars and time-wasters. In the past, I’ve spoken with experts on swiping etiquette, apps, profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging and how to recognize red flags.Austin online dating photography