The Ocean-Inspired Cowrie Shell Ring

The lustrous ocean-inspired Cowrie shell ring is an effortless way to add a little bit of beachy vibe to your look. Those who love to wear a lot of jewelry will find this dainty piece very appealing as it’s a constant reminder of the sun, sand and the sea.

This beautiful ring is made of 925 sterling silver and has beautiful beads around the edge. Each ring is handmade so it will differ slightly from one another.

According to African legend, if you’re attracted to cowrie shells it means that you’re family to the Ocean Goddess Yemaya. The shell is considered a powerful symbol of wealth and earth. People believe that it brings good luck to those who wear them and it is said that if you want prosperity in your life, all you have to do is carry a Cowrie shell with you.

Cowrie shells, also known as Cypraea annulus, are found in tropical areas across the globe. They have a rounded oval shape and are usually white from the outside. Some are spotted with spots in light reddish-brown color which gives them a unique appearance.

The Ojibwe aboriginal people in North America use the cypraea annulus to make miigis shells, sacred to the Midewiwin (the creation and maintenance of life). The shell’s effectiveness is not negated by western medicine and it’s often used for therapeutic massages due to its soothing effect on muscle tension. Cowrie shell ring