Womens Slouch Socks

Womens slouch socks are a style of baggy non-elastic socks that can be pushed down into heavy folds around the ankle or pulled up to the knee. They are popular in Japan among high school girls as part of kogal culture, and have also been adopted in the United States for fashion, casual wear, layering, working out, and everyday casual styles. The Jefferies Socks slouch socks are made in the USA with thick heavy cotton construction that is warm, durable, and stretchy to fit snugly over boots, shoes, and sneakers.

This style of sock is great for layering under boots, shoes or sandals to give a cute vintage look to your outfit. They are also the perfect choice for a workout, or even to be worn as a light fashion statement for a 80’s or 90’s inspired look. They can be scrunched, rolled, or slouched around the ankle for a variety of looks and they are super soft and comfortable to wear all day long.

These socks are designed with the highest quality yarns to keep your feet comfy while you’re working out. They are made with THOR*LON fibers which provide superior softness, resilience and durability. The extra-padded instep and arch plus spandex creates a comfortable fit to reduce blisters, pressures, and moisture during intense exercise.

They are perfect to be worn with a pair of yoga pants or leggings and with sneakers, sandals, shoes or flats. They will pair nicely with oversized t-shirts, and they are the perfect addition to your workout or fitness wardrobe. The slouchy style of these socks make them easy to pair with jeans or shorts for a classic 80’s look.womens slouch socks