Home Care for the Elderly in Montreal

The government must rethink its heavy reliance on CHSLDs, particularly in terms of the allocation of financial resources. Some of the funds that would be freed up should be redirected to a training program for informal caregivers.

CIUSSS West-Central Montreal offers temporary accommodation for seniors and people who have lost their autonomy. To access this service, you must consult a CLSC professional and complete an assessment.
Home Instead Senior Care

Home Instead is a leading provider of in-home senior care services. Its CAREGivers are trained to manage simple tasks such as meal preparation and housekeeping, as well as more specialized medical needs such as wound care, medication administration, and rehabilitative therapy. It also offers 24-hour live-in care and hospice support.

The company was founded by Paul and Lori Hogan after their own personal experience caring for Lori’s 100-year old grandmother at home. Their vision was to help other families like theirs maintain a high quality of life and age in place with the same independence they enjoyed.

The Home Instead franchise network includes more than 800 independently-owned offices that provide in-home care to seniors and other adults. Each office can customize a home care plan to fit the family’s schedule and budget. To get started, contact your local Home Instead office to schedule a free care consultation. Its CAREGivers can also assist with errands and transportation.
Home Health Care Services

Home health care is usually provided by a registered nurse or physical therapist, and it may include medical services such as wound care. It can also include non-medical services such as help bathing, dressing and meal preparation, transportation to doctor’s appointments and errands, and assistance with household tasks like laundry, shopping and cleaning.

If you are considering home health care, be sure to check the provider’s credentials and references, and make sure they have a criminal background check. Ask about their education, certifications and previous work experience. It is important to find a caregiver with whom you feel comfortable. If possible, look for someone who can speak your loved one’s language and understand their specific needs. You should also check for a full range of services, including palliative care. This is important, because palliative care can often provide a higher quality of life for your loved one. It can help reduce stress, pain and depression.
Home Care Assistance

Home care is an effective way to provide a loved one with the help and assistance they need without having them move into a nursing home. Home care agencies are available in Montreal, offering a variety of services and care options to meet the needs of every client.

The public network body that brings together all housing applications for people who have lost autonomy and decides on their admission criteria and priority. The CIUSSS west-central office can give you more information on access to this type of accommodation.

Assisted living has emerged as an alternative to long term care homes, providing on-call assistance and meal planning in luxury residential communities. Residents can enjoy a social environment while retaining their independence and cherished possessions, such as pets or hobbies. They can also choose to live alone or share an apartment with other seniors.
Personal Care Services

A well-developed home care network can help prevent the premature institutionalization of Quebec’s elderly population. This will not only save money by reducing the need for more places in CHSLDs but also allow seniors to reap the many documented social and financial benefits of aging in their own homes.

Home support services can include everything from assistance with daily activities to medical accompaniment and home help. These services are available from local community organizations and NGOs, as well as private companies. A management team oversees these programs, making sure that the schedule is filled and helping to resolve any issues that may arise.

Caregivers on C4G’s platform are required to upload their credentials and a background check report, so that you can be certain that they have been vetted. This ensures that your Loved One is always receiving the best possible care. Caregivers also digitally check-in and check-out when they arrive and leave so you can keep track of their status.elderly home care montreal