Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Modern kitchen cabinet design is characterized by flat panels and the absence of excessive detail. No crown molding or raised panels are seen, emphasizing flat, sleek surfaces.

Calming colors pair beautifully with cutting-edge contemporary cabinetry lines and shapes. Bold shades of red and blue can also create a striking statement.

Whether you love the look of white cabinets or want to try something bold, there are plenty of options. The good news is that a fresh coat of paint can make a huge impact on your kitchen design.

White continues to be a top choice for homeowners, and neutrals are also a timeless option. If you’re interested in a dramatic statement, consider opting for black cabinetry. The color experts at Sherwin Williams suggest shades like “Black Magic” or “Dusty Lavender.”

Blues and greens continue to be popular choices for kitchen cabinetry, especially soft hues such as mint or sage. Houzz highlights a color called Wandering Vine as a good mid-tone option for those who want to move away from the deepest greens.

For those who don’t want to commit to an entire shade of blue, a modern brown kitchen cabinet design can provide the perfect blend of drama and elegance. This style of cabinet can stand out majestically against a light paint and lighter backsplash. It can also offer a cozy, inviting atmosphere when paired with natural wood flooring.

In modern kitchens, lines are essential for defining a design. That’s why sleek cabinetry and hardware accentuate horizontal and straight visual elements. Flat panel doors and frosted glass often work hand-in-hand to create a continuous and seamless look.

Stainless steel is another modern kitchen element that looks great with linear cabinet designs. The metal can add a hint of industrial flavor to a modern kitchen without distracting from the overall look with too much ornamentation or detail.

When it comes to cabinet hardware, c-channel and flat pull handles are popular choices for modern kitchens. These types of hardware accentuate the horizontal line that runs through the entire length of the drawer or door.

Metal cabinets are a sleek and stylish addition to any modern kitchen. They also offer durability and low maintenance.

Bold metallic finishes such as copper and brass can be mixed with wood to create a warm and contemporary look. Using multiple metals can help reduce the glare that is sometimes caused by glossy surfaces and can add depth to any room.

Red is a powerful color that can make a statement in your kitchen. It pairs well with black and can highlight the modern lines of your cabinet design.

Avoid the traditional frame on your cabinet and go for a frameless design to keep the modern look. It is easier to clean and allows you to use the entire space for storage. This style also helps hide any imperfections in the wall.

The hardware used on modern kitchen cabinets emphasizes the clean lines of these styles. Sleek cabinet pulls and knobs are popular, especially those that run the length of the drawer to accentuate the linear elements of the design. C-channel, flat linear and tubular styles all work well.

Modern kitchens may also use recessed pulls to maintain a streamlined look. These types of handles can hide custom kitchen pantry inserts, such as holders for trash and recycling bins or racks for canned and dry goods. Using this type of storage is an easy way to add extra functionality without sacrificing the look of the cabinetry.

While modern has been the go-to style for most of the past decade, homeowners are starting to embrace transitional and soft modern designs, too. According to MasterBrand, this hybridized style offers a middle ground for those who aren’t ready to commit fully to either modern or traditional.